Wicker Basket (option for Poppy)

Please note: this basket is only available when ordered alongside a Poppy bicycle. 

This iconic basket sits elegantly on the front of your Poppy bicycle and is just the right size for your daily food shop or a picnic! Made from hand-woven wicker, it is attached with two buckled leather straps that secure easily to the handlebars.

Fitted as an optional extra, it sits on a double-fix support bracket that attaches to the top and the bottom of the headtube of the Poppy bicycle.

Key Features

    • Made from sustainable, natural wicker.
    • Hand-woven in an elegant open 'D' shape.
    • Supplied with leather straps and a basket support.


Approximate external dimensions of the baskets:
Suitable for the Poppy or Picador.
Approximate external dimensions of the basket:
Height = 24cm
Length = 21cm(base) / 37cm(top)
Width = 27cm(base) / 41cm(top).


Natural and sustainable wicker. Leather straps with plated buckles.

Clean with a soft bristle brush. As the basket is made from natural fibres, it may be prone to mould if it does not dry out properly after exposure to moisture. Mould growth can be cleaned with a sponge or brush and a mix of 1 cup water, 1 cup white vinegar and ¼ cup of dish soap; a 1-1 solution of bleach and water can be used for tougher mould. Rinse with water after cleaning and please wear gloves. The leather straps should be treated every so often with a little wax.