Classic Chrome Pump


Sleek, highly polished chromed steel pump, designed to lock on to the pump pegs of your Pashley bicycle without the need for straps or secondary fixings. With a chrome-plated steel barrel and aluminium stem, it is capable of pumping up to 8 bar/116 psi of pressure and uses a Schrader valve. Available in two lengths; 12" or 15".


Key Features

    • Schrader valve connection.
    • Pumps up to 8 bar/116 psi of pressure.
    • Mounts between a bicycle's pump pegs.


  • 22mm in diameter.
  • Available in two lengths - 12" & 15"
  • 12" is suitable for Pashley bicycles with a 17" frame and pump pegs;
  • 15" is suitable for all other Pashley bicycles with pump pegs.
  • What size is my bicycle?


Aluminium body with steel stem.

Lubricate the piston every so often with oil.