Wicker Basket Support


The Pashley basket support is produced to our unique specification here in the UK, and is coated in a highly durable, over-baked paint. Sold as a spare, it is capable of supporting both the medium or large Pashley wicker basket and a weight of up to 5kg. Please be aware that we strongly recommend that a competent bicycle mechanic fits the support to the bike, as this process will require the removal of the handlebars/headset (instructions are provided with the order).

Key Features

    • Coated in a highly durable, over-baked paint.
    • A simple, uncluttered design.
    • Supports both sizes of the Pashley Wicker Basket.
    • Made in Britain.


The basket support can be fitted to the Pashley Princess, Sonnet, Poppy or Britannia.
Will support both the medium and large Pashley baskets.
Fitment of the basket support requires removal of the handlebar and adjustment of the headset; we recommend that this is carried out by a competent bicycle mechanic.


Steel frame coated with a durable, oven-baked paint.

Do not overload the basket support with a weight greater than 5kg.